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Create your own Mandala

In this workshop participants are given guidance to create their own mandala, allowing their creativity to flow while centering their energy. Participants learn how to overcome the interference of the mind in the creative process, focusing instead on the development of intuition learning a simple technique for meditation that can be utilized in everyday life.

Healing Hands

In these workshop participants are taught to use the scale of light and use color to bring the life force through the hands. The intent is to channel prana through the hands into the whole body enabling the individual to access healing energies. The inspiration for these workshops comes from the book "Mandala Luminous Symbols for Healing" by Judith Cornell, PH.D.

Friendship Mandalas

The 'Friendship or Unity mandala' is a wonderful exercise in bringing people together in a fun setting to explore the possibilities that arise when people join togther to make something greater than what they can do as individuals. This exercise focuses on the value of the individual and how we can maintain our individuality while being part of a whole. This workshop was developed by Bailey Cunningham, executive direction of the Mandala project.

Paint it Pink

The Pain it Pink mandala workshops is held for women struggling with breast cancer. During times of transition mandalas serve as visual guides that gently lead us to a place of wholeness and healing self-reflection. As breast cancer brings powerful emotions of transformation to the surface, creating mandalas can make the journey both more meaningful and more manageable. This workshop was developed by Claire Szabo-Cassella.