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Margi Gibb: singer, songwriter, visual artist, adventurer, writer and educator.

I've practiced some form of creativity all my life. I studied creative writing in the late seventies, began creating mandalas in the early eighties and by the nineties played guitar, wrote, sang, and preformed my own songs.

When I began creating visual work I had no knowledge of mandala art. I was coming through a transition in my life and felt the need to create with my hands to gain a greater mind, body, spirit connection.

I wanted freedom of expression in my visual art. I didn't want to follow any path, procedure or technique - I just wanted to let go, let it happen and let my intuition guide me. As a result I began the process of learning to flow from my centre.

I held my first exhibition in 1984 at the 'Women's Art Movement Gallery' in South Australia and called my art form 'Primitive Pop'. Later I discovered the work of Carl Jung and had the realisation that many of the pieces I'd created were Mandala`s. At the turn of the century I undertook a Master's in Education: Experiential Learning and Development. My research took me to America where I studied and trained with leading mandala artists, authors and educators: Judith Cornell Ph. D and Bailey Cunningham, Executive Director of the Mandala project. Some of my work is published in Bailey`s book, Mandala Journey to the Center. In 2005 I published a thesis: The Application of the Mandala in the 21st Century in the Fields of Health and Education.

I continued to hold exhibitions and facilitated mandala workshops for a host of diverse communities, frequently working as an Artist in Residence in community centers and schools.

My mandala art practice has served as my primary form of meditation and contemplation - bringing a greater feeling of peace and wholeness within myself and my life. I strongly encourage everybody to explore the mandala as a tool for change and peace in their own lives.

As well as working with the mandala I played music: working as a singer/songwriter, music teacher and music therapist. I studied jazz and popular music, formed and joined a number of bands, taught music to young children and adults, held biannual concerts with my students and facilitated a weekly music group for people living with a mental illness.

After the completion of my masters I travelled to Dharamasla in India where I developed a music program for young Tibetans refugees living there in exile. This journey eventuated into an odyssey that became the impetus for my Creative PhD: The Call to Individuation: Spirituality and Creative Practice which explored more deeply the work of Carl Jung. For the creative component of my thesis I wrote my first full-length book - Kissed by a Deer: A Tibetan Odyssey.

I hope you enjoy exploring my website and the many aspects of my creativity.

Margi Gibb. Ph. D

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