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Artist Statement

Initiation: Primitive Pop

Primitive: Of or denoting a simple, naive style of art that deliberately rejects sophisticated artistic techniques.

Pop: Of or relating to the popular culture.

Initiation is a rite of passage: I began my work with the mandala in the early eighties combining the symbolism of ancient cultures with the colours and mediums inner suburban pop culture. Through this process I began to experience a feeling of fusion between the old and the new, the known and the unknown, the knowledge and the seeker.

Intuition like consciousness is a spiritual channel of communication that in todays world is often overtaken by the rational mind - If I'd listened to the voice of rationalisation I would never have taken the first step on this unfolding artistic journey.

My work is intuitive and as such is not making a statement, it simply reveals a reality - it is visionary in essence and does not belong to me, but stems from that central place in all our beings where there are no differences.

The Mandalas in this gallery are a selection of those created over several years.