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Arts in The Community-Access all Abilities

This residency involved setting up a weekend arts group for people with disabilities at the Jika Jika Community Centre. These incredible mandalas were produced by people with various degrees of abilities and disabilities. Some have an acquired brain injury, some intellectual disabilities, and some are have dual diagnosis.

Out of the Shadows Mandala Project: Bringing Diverse Communities Together

This residency involved running a number of in house and public workshops with people from many different nationalities and walks of life. As well two 4ft Mandalas were constructed for people to work on representing the diverse communities who attended the house. The residency culminated in a public exhibition of all the mandalas produced through the workshops.

Be Yourself: Unity Not Uniformity

This residency was hosted by the Preston Girls Secondary College. 24 year seven students were introduced to the Mandala art form embarking on a process of creative self discovery. The challenge was to encourage each girl to recognize and prize their own unique expression and their inner self while at the same time guiding them to find unity in the collective whole. Each student made their own individual mandala as well as participating in creating a Unity mandala.